Saturday, January 12, 2008

Packer Kids Play Well in the Snow

Nobody is having more fun than those who are on this wild ride here in Lambeau Field during a blizzard in Green Bay. Never has it been louder here, never has it been rowdier. This is the wildest place in the country on the NFL's Divisional Playoff weekend. It's snowing like crazy and nobody cares, it's all about what Brett Favre and all the other kids on his team are doing down there. I wonder if so much fun has ever been had in this stadium.

It is nearly the fourth quarter and our punter hasn't even taken off his warm-up jacket yet. Running back Ryan Grant has redeemed himself from two critical fumbles early in the game by pounding out massive yards and then scoring yet another touchdown. And the Packers are playing good, old-fashioned playground football in the snow.

The white stuff just keeps falling. I am wiping my computer screen and keyboard every few seconds; and I'll tell you right now, there is no easy way to type with gloves on. The guy next to me has a cheesehead on and there is a good two inches of snow on top of it. There are snowballs flying around and this crowd is lit up. The guy in front of me, his half-time beer froze solid, so now he's licking it like a Popsicle. Everywhere people are basking in this incredible experience.

Dang, Brett Favre just threw a snowball at another player. How great is that in the middle of a playoff game?

Those who doubted the Packers because of their youth, forgot to consider that with some early successes by Favre and the team and then the snow, this whole thing turned into a kid's game. And who better to play in the snow than a bunch of kids?

Of course Seattle coach Mike Holmgren doesn't look like he's having a lot of fun over on the sideline. He's old; not a kid. He's probably kicking himself for ever leaving Green Bay. But aside from him and all the guys in the Seahawk uniforms, there's not another old person in this place; everybody's having fun, everybody's a kid tonight.

Gbaja-Biamila and Jenkins just sacked Matt Hassleback. Fun for them; not so fun for Hassleback. Matt's team's got the ball, but I doubt that they're going to score. He's probably thinking he would rather still be sitting on the bench on the Packer's sideline waiting for Brett Favre to get hurt than on his back in the snow under Cullen Jenkins and about a thousand points behind.

Things are starting to wind down. The Packers will be going to the NFC Championship game next Sunday! This place is just going crazy. I doubt these cheeseheads will be going home any time soon, they'll probably have to turn the lights out to get any of us out of here.

And why would anyone want to leave? We just experienced what we all love and dream about. A great playoff game; in the snow; in January; in Lambeau. It has been a blast. It has been everything we all had hoped it would be; and a bunch of touchdowns more. Favre pulled some stumbling magic, Grant hurdled tacklers, Jennings caught big passers, Driver eluded the defense for some big yards...this place is going nuts.

No matter where you were today, you didn't have as much fun as Packer fans did.

And nope, I don't think anyone will be going home for quite awhile.

Go Giants!

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