Monday, September 14, 2009

Cutler As Big of Pansy As Urlacher; Packers Win

Jay Cutler lived a charmed life in Denver. But when he heard their new coach did not have confidence in him, Cutler demanded a trade. So he stepped in this himself...

And then he showed up at Lambeau Field dressed in a Chicago Bears uniform and proved that he is as limp-wristed as Brian Urlacher.

With a performance that should have earned him Green Bay's Most Valuable Player honors, Cutler threw the ball to the Green Bay defense as often as to his own receivers. Granted there was considerable pressure by Dom Caper's frenetic, predatory defense; in fact one might argue that this is what caused Cutler to crack. But Cutler's passes to phantom receivers certainly was indication that he was not on the same page as the rest of his offense. Oh, darn.

Meanwhile, Green Bay's own offense found its own problems as it struggled with a reckless Chicago Bear defense, causing Aaron Rodgers and his receivers to be a half-step out of sync with one another. Perhaps a hard slam by Urlacher early in the game rattled Roger's cage, or perhaps the intensity of the rivalry sped the game up a bit for the receivers. Either way, receivers like Donald Driver and Jordy Nelson were dropping as many balls as Barack Obama.

It was not until the final two minutes of the game that Green Bay could put a convincing touchdown drive together as Rodgers found Greg Jennings open behind the Bears' defense for the lead and eventual win.

As for Urlacher, maybe he hurt himself running into Aaron Rodgers, it's not clear. But somewhere early in the first half he hurt his pansy wrist and then sat out for the rest of the game.

Yes, I said 'sat out for the rest of the game.' Which BEGS the question: What Would Butkus Do?

Dick Butkus would have chewed his wrist off and gotten himself back into the game. What kind of pansy-fest is going on down there in F-I-B land? For heaven's sake, Green Bay's Ray Nitschke played with a BROKEN LEG, and the Packers have had QUARTERBACKS play with broken thumbs, etc. - not supposedly big, tough linebackers, but quarterbacks! And Urlacher sits out because of a little wrist injury?

Perhaps the Bears should start sending a high school team from Chicago up to Green Bay next time to continue this rivalry, because they sure aren't sending up men. I mean, this is the BEARS vs. the PACKERS, and your 'star' linebacker sits the game out because of a sore wrist?

So this great rivalry, an epic slugging match which began in 1921, has come to this - Green Bay sends in great professional players and Chicago sends in pansies. Is that the best you've got Chicago? Is that as close to the '85 Bears as you can get?

Maybe it is simply time to throw in the towel, Chicago. Maybe your players should man up and join a bowling league, or some other pastime that doesn't require stamina, grit and guts.

But I suppose that your Bears bowling team would suck too, because the Chicago Bears have always sucked, they still suck, and they always WILL suck!


Game Ball: Packer Defense

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