Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Close, But Yet So Favre Away

Photo AP/MikeRoemer

It is fourth down and a million for the Green Bay Packers.

Today's loss to the Panthers puts the Pack's record at a 'playing for the future' 5-7, and the playoffs about as likely as a Barack Obama birth certificate.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was generous in spreading the passing wealth on offense as he and the receivers put up big numbers on big plays in something of a banner performance.

Unfortunately, the defense once again did not hold its own and allowed four rushing touchdowns. Evidently Aaron Kampman has some others who play on the defensive line with him, but none of them can stop the run or put pressure on the quarterback. So who's decision was it to let KGB go? Who the heck let Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila go???

It is still possible for the Packers to win the division. It is also still possible for Rosie to get another television series. But it is not likely at this point.

So, it might as well be time to begin the season's reckoning. Leaders understand accountability; so I am sure that the Green Bay Packers leaders also welcome accountability. So let's look at who is responsible for the mess we're in.

Responsibility for the sub-par season falls solely on the man who wanted to put his own personal stamp on the Packers; and indeed has. Not all of his decisions were as widely seen as one, but perhaps his most public one was the one that says the most about the man, Ted Thompson. For when he sent Brett Favre away to the New York Jets, he was saying that he had a better plan than keeping with the team that went to the NFC Championship earlier this year. His dealing Favre away perhaps summarizes the level of football intelligence this man and encapsulates the whole of his theories and ideas.

Well, is 5-7 an idea that appeals to you? Nope, me neither. What's next, 5-8? 5-9? 5-10?

Who the heck let Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila go, anyway???

This season is a wash and it is time to start planning for next year, and what better place to start than with someone finally showing general manager Ted Thompson the dang door. It doesn't matter if the door is open or not, but the man needs to go through it. Now.

He wanted all the accolades for being another Ron Wolf, so he gets to, instead, accept the responsibility for being a failure, for being a sheep in Wolf's clothing. He needs to get moving down the road immediately, so that we can 'prepare for the future.'

Game Ball: Aaron Rodgers & Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Blame Aaron

Photo by Reuters

I don't know how bad the Saints beat the Packers; I turned the game off after the third interception. I am guessing that it never got close again. Not with the formula that the Packers were held up to most of the second half, which was pass, pass, pass. Oh, and don't play defense.

This basically meant that a successful running game and Ryan Grant got to sit next to the water boy for most of the final 30 minutes. It also put an unrealistic load on quarterback Aaron Rodgers who was left to produce large gains on every play. That wasn't football; it was being on the wrong side of a rout.

Broken down, it was karma and Drew Brees's night. With little or no defensive pressure on the Saints quarterback, he was safer than an al-Sadr insurgent in a mosque. Brees is far too dangerous of a quarterback, having an epic year, to allow him time in the pocket to pick apart the normally-solid Packers defensive backfield.

So before you knew it, with the Packers playing solid, balanced football and successive, methodical drives, like you are supposed to do, in a few blurry flashes New Orleans took a lead into halftime. And when they came out Ryan Grant and a solid offensive football team had precious few opportunities to establish themselves before the Saints were nearly out of sight.

Yes, Aaron Rodgers missed a few open receivers; but a balanced offensive attack that can push the ball down field allows some room for error. But when your team is forced to score on every drive to keep pace, unless your name is in or sure to be in the Hall of Fame, other interceptions are likely to follow because you have had to completely abandon your running game and everybody is playing the pass.

And even some other certain future Hall of Famers have had their share of three-interception games, haven't they?

The Green Bay Packers played very good, punishing offensive football in the first half. Aaron Rodgers had a solid first half. Who knew the sky was going to fall in on them in the third quarter?

And in the larger picture, watching good things happen to the folks in New Orleans in flood-like proportions like happened tonight, it's hard to have many bad feelings about karma. Don't blame Aaron.

Besides, we're still five games up on the Lions...

Game Ball: karma

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Packers Prove That The Bears Suck

In a show of complete and total domination in all aspects of the football game, the Green Bay Packers demonstrated to the world, once again, that the Chicago Bears suck. The Bears running game sucked; their passing game sucked; their defense of the run sucked; their defense of the pass sucked and they made the Packers look like the best team in the world. The only thing the Bears are good at is sucking...and, of course, their quarterback's sissy-tripping after he throws an interception.

Ryan Grant looked unstoppable, as did his backup, Brandon Jackson. Aaron Rodgers looked like he drank a can of perfection prior to the game and his receivers were all sharp. Gone was the Packer Flag Day, as the absence of penalty after penalty on the Packers was a welcome reprieve. The offensive line actually lived up to their potential and with the running game in high gear, it opened up a healthy passing game.

The only Packer it seems who didn't have a good game was the Packer punter, who was used so little that nobody but statisticians know if he played at all. When Green Bay needed a first down, they generally got it. When they needed to stop the sucking Bear offense from getting a first down, they usually did it. And in the end, the Packers put up their best effort of the year and blasted the hated Chicago Bears 37-3 for an elated crowd at Lambeau Field.

Game Ball: Ryan Grant

Monday, November 10, 2008

Vikings Choke Packers

The Minnesota defensive line had Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers running around like the John McCain campaign the day before election day. When they weren't smashing him to the turf of the HomerDome, they were chasing him into the sidelines, making him rush his throws, or putting up safeties.

Furthermore, Viking running back Adrienne Peterson did whatever he wanted and got his big yards.

But with all the Minnesota dominance on the field, they still choked enough to give Green Bay a final shot at winning a game that the Packers had no business winning but Packer kicker Mason Crosby's game-ending field goal attempt was unfortunately inches wide of the goal post.

Much of the Vikings obligatory choke had to do with Green Bay's extremely stingy defensive backfield that picked almost as many Gus Frerotte passes as President-elect Barack Obama picked terrorists and radicals for friends. It was the defensive backfield and Will Blackmon who kept the Packers in the game. Charles Woodson should be put not only into the Pro Bowl, but also into the Hall of Fame immediately. Green Bay's pass defense is as good as it has ever been even with Al Harris.

But where is the pass blocking? Sure Minnesota has perhaps the best pass rush in the NFL, and has the talent to win the Super Bowl, but Green Bay has to find a way to protect Aaron Rodgers. Of course the Vikings will not win the Super Bowl, although they could beat any team in the league, because they will always choke, but if the Packers, who also could almost beat any other NFL team, want to be the best, they have to find a way to beat the best. Despite two losses to two very good teams, and games the Packers could have won, Green Bay is very close to being a dominant team. And getting the pass blocking down is a mandatory step for the Packers to find themselves among the parity-elite, so to speak.

There is a good chance that Green Bay could win the rest of their regular season games. There is also the chance that they could continue to play .500 ball. But there is no chance that any opponent will put up big passing yards against the NFL's finest defensive back cadre.

Game Ball to: Charles Woodson and Friends.

p.s. Obama the socialist still sucks. And packeraaron over at, a rabid, kool-aid-drinking Obama supporter, who cheerleads for all of the Messiah's socialist policies, will be more than willing to write each of you a nice, healthy personal check (to 'spread the wealth around' and 'redistribute the wealth') so that his actions (money) are consistent with his mouth. Otherwise he would be a typical liberal hypocrite.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Packers Lose, But Obama Sucks

OK, the Packers lost a tight one that they could have won. But since there is a very important election this week, a plea to all Cheeseheads to come to reason is not out of order here. Give me a moment, please and let me speak Wisconsinite to Wisconsinite...

You do know that the Republican Party was started in Wisconsin, don't you? Yup, in Antigo, I believe. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President. So it is not like Republican ideas are foreign to the state.

Now listen, the main media outlets, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS are grossly biased in their campaign coverage. This is not just an opinion, it has been analyzed and proven. This is because the media has an agenda, and Obama is their agenda. So all I'm saying is that what you have heard is probably slanted news.

The bottom line is that Obama's policies are radical, un-Wisconsin, SOCIALIST policies. You don't want socialism. If you do, then why don't you go to work this week and when you get your check on Friday cash it and send half of it to some lazy Bears fans who don't want to work.

Socialism's motto is "To each according to his need from each according to his ability." This is what Obama is talking about with his "redistribution of wealth" ideas. The ideas, that is, that saying I just quoted, was originally made by Karl Marx, the founder of communism/socialism. Obama is intentionally trying to turn this country upside down so that people who do not have money start getting some from those who do, as mandated by Obama's government.

If you can not see how dangerous this is, you are not paying attention.

As for his buddy, Bill Ayers, whom Obama has lied about, and was much closer to than he admits, well do you know that he planned on taking over the US government, giving some to China, some to North Vietnam, some to Russia and he estimated that he would have to set up 'reducation camps' but that about 25 million US citizens would not be swayed and so these 25 million Amreicans would have to be killed. Think about that for a moment...

And Bill Ayers still thinks this way. And Obama is his buddy.

Can you not see that this is a radical, black-liberation theologist-inspired, socialistic effort to completely change the United States of America? This is NOT the kind of change you or I want. It is Chicago-welfare on a national scale.

Do you know that Obama wants to spread the welfare to the world, where we would be mandated to give almost a billion dollars a year to low-economic countries in Africa?

Obama is trying to make his radical, personal pet projects all of ours so that he can use our money to do it with.

Vince Lombardi would see right through this pretender and would kick Obama's can. Nitcshke would tear his head off. And Bart Starr, just think how he will be voting this year.

The media and the liberals have slammed George W. Bush because they hate him. But he has kept us safe for 8 years hasn't he?

Please do now swallow Obama's "Change" motto because you might not like Bush. I personally do like him and am grateful for his service. But the type of 'change' Obama wants to bring is NOT the kind of change that would serve us Cheeseheads well. I say this in all sincerity.

Please do not vote for Obama. I know he talks smooth, but do not risk the general well-being of this country to this proven radical.

Please think about it before you vote.


By the way, that no-call on the long pass to Greg Jennings was blatant and cost us the game.