Sunday, November 16, 2008

Packers Prove That The Bears Suck

In a show of complete and total domination in all aspects of the football game, the Green Bay Packers demonstrated to the world, once again, that the Chicago Bears suck. The Bears running game sucked; their passing game sucked; their defense of the run sucked; their defense of the pass sucked and they made the Packers look like the best team in the world. The only thing the Bears are good at is sucking...and, of course, their quarterback's sissy-tripping after he throws an interception.

Ryan Grant looked unstoppable, as did his backup, Brandon Jackson. Aaron Rodgers looked like he drank a can of perfection prior to the game and his receivers were all sharp. Gone was the Packer Flag Day, as the absence of penalty after penalty on the Packers was a welcome reprieve. The offensive line actually lived up to their potential and with the running game in high gear, it opened up a healthy passing game.

The only Packer it seems who didn't have a good game was the Packer punter, who was used so little that nobody but statisticians know if he played at all. When Green Bay needed a first down, they generally got it. When they needed to stop the sucking Bear offense from getting a first down, they usually did it. And in the end, the Packers put up their best effort of the year and blasted the hated Chicago Bears 37-3 for an elated crowd at Lambeau Field.

Game Ball: Ryan Grant

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