Monday, July 14, 2008

Not a Dilemma At All

With Brett Favre's announced desire to come out of retirement and return to the NFL, the Green Bay Packers seem to be in a bit of a dilemma. Some are saying the Packers should release Favre. Others are saying trade Favre. The Packers have said that they honored Favre's wishes to retire and have already moved on. It seems like the Packers have themselves a quandary.

But this is not a dilemma at all. If you look at the characters involved, this is a no-brainer.

Who are the players with something at stake? They are: 1.) The Green Bay Packers organization 2.) Brett Favre 3.) Aaron Rodgers and 4.) The greater Cheesehead Nation, who are the Green Bay Packers organization's paying customers.

Next you look and wonder which of the characters from this list has any flexibility. The Packers are bound to the promises they made to Aaron Rodgers. But the Packers are also tied in with Brett Favre in that he is pretty-much the embodiment of the team in the last decade. The organization also would risk disaster should they trade Favre or cut him loose only to face him in charge of a divisional team. Furthermore, the team needs to consider how many troops from the Wisconsin National Guard would need to be called in to quell the riots at Lambeau Field should word ever leak out that Brett Favre would be going to the Chicago Bears.

To the Packer fan, to those who labored over Favre's decision to call it quits just a few months ago, there are no options. Every Cheesehead knows that Brett Favre is a Green Bay Packer. Consider for a moment what happened to Joe Montana. Joe Cool was an aging quarterback who had fellow Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young waiting in the wings as Montana's backup. The 49ers, after vacillating for a number of years, finally decided to cut Montana loose by sending him to the Kansas City Chiefs so that Steve Young could be their guy.

But everyone outside of Kansas City who saw number 12 in a uniform that was not a San Francisco 49ers uniform knew that it was just wrong on so many levels. It just didn't seem fitting for someone who had done as much as Montana, or done so much so well, should be taking snaps for a foreign football team. Can anyone imagine Terry Bradshaw in something other than a Steelers uniform? Marino other than a Doplhins? Elway other than a Broncos?

No, there are no options. Brett Favre must and will wear the Packers jersey if he comes back because it is wrong that he would wear any other.

So here is the final solution: have both Favre and Rodgers come to camp and compete for an open starting QB position; that is only fair to all parties concerned. That would keep Packer fans happy, secure a successful season for the organization, allow Favre to come back, and give Rodgers a genuine opportunity at earning a starting job in the NFL.

And frankly, if Rodgers does not like it, he has the least to lose; let him go play for Kansas City. You just don't deal-away a Brett Favre. Joe Montana taught us that.


ruffian96 said...

Obviously Favre does not want to 'compete' for the job, he wants it handed to him by default. Step away from the pedastal son, and see the man's actions for what they are. Remember last week he told a Mississippi newspaper that this was all "just rumors".

PackSmack said...

If this is the same Brett Favre that competed in last year's NFL seasons and had a spectacular year, I believe he could handle a little competition and be just fine.

PackerPundit said...

Funny but I came to the same conclusion. Either stay retired... or come in and compete for the job like every other player on the team.

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