Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jags Smackdown Pack; Thompson's Pudding is Cooked

The proof is in the pudding. And the pudding that Packers General Manager Ted Thompson has concocted with his own, personal choices of ingredients is fully cooked and ready to taste. The only problem is that it tastes so bad everybody keeps spitting it out of their mouth, leaving only one question: is Thompson's devastation, castration and dismantling of this team finished yet or do we all get to sink even lower, perhaps back to 1980's status?

The Packers showed signs of having a potent scoring attack against the Jaguars, but several critical Aaron Rodgers overthrows put the fork in the offense's ability to extend their second-half lead. So instead of applying the death-blow to an average Jacksonville team, the Packers once again let them hang around long enough for the Green Bay defense to fall apart on two late, quick Jacksonville scoring drives.

Has this not been the story all season long? Aside from a few one-sided affairs, the Packers could have won another five or six games. But nothing ever got fixed so that they could compete at a playoff-team level. Instead they are struggling to end the season as a mediocre team. Perhaps if Thompson had given coach Mike McCarthy enough tools to compete in the NFL some things could have been fixed, but McCarty really has a bad defense to work with, aside from a few bright spots.

As it is now, this team is a few moves from obscurity, but also a few moves from contention with a lot of talent on offense. Ted Thompson has had his time in the kitchen and what he has produced is lousy by any standard. It is bland, disappointing and forgettable.

Unless Packer management wants to return to the tasteless 1980's-form, they had better push Thompson down the road before he can do any more damage to what could be a good team. His own decisions have sealed his own fate and his future cannot include the Green Bay Packers.


Anonymous said...

i'll give thompson another year, and i suspect the packers will too. he's got so much cash to spend on this team that he can bring in some top talent (hopefully for the offensive line and the secondary). add that to a respectable draft and the packers will be at least 12-4 and this season will be forgotten.

PackSmack said...

Yes, with a few changes, they could be 12-4...there is that much potential with this team.