Sunday, January 1, 2012

Matt Flynn Sets Packer Record Against Lions

When he was an LSU Tiger, Matt Flynn was the King of the Jungle as he led his team to the National Championship title.

But the Detroit Lions would have none of that on their trip to Lambeau Field in Green Bay on New Years Day. They thought they could tame the Tiger, take advantage of some key Packer inactives and go into the playoffs with a roar.

Four hundred eighty yards, six touchdown passes and a franchise record later, Matt Flynn once again ruled the day.

With a little help from Jordy Nelson and others, Flynn did nothing less than create a memorable resume for his coming job interview next year, his first as a free agent.

Which begs the question, what would a guy rather do for a few more years, be the backup on a team that has potential to fill a fist with Super Bowl rings, or sell out to the highest bidder where you can be a starter.

It's a great question, and certainly Flynn in not the first one to be in the position. But if what Vince Lombardi said is true, "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing," how about Flynn just settling in to be the Packers backup for a few more years and be on a winning team?

Odds are that Aaron Rodgers is going to go down at some point and what better backup to have than the very competent Flynn? Wasn't Zeke Bratkowski Bart Starr's eternal backup? And wasn't Earl Morral Johnny Unitas'? Even George Blanda was content with backing up Oakland's Darryl Lamonica.

But perhaps winning is no longer the only thing. Money is.

For Matt Flynn will undoubtedly command more money than Green Bay can spare, and he will enjoy a successful career apart from Green Bay.

But on January 1, 2012 winning was pretty sweet to watch as Matt Flynn tore up the Detroit Lions in an unforgettable performance as a Green Bay Packer.

And it was not the Lions, but the LSU Tiger who was King of the Jungle on that day.

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