Tuesday, September 25, 2012

McCarthy Needs to Talk to a Chair

Mike McCarthy now feels like the rest sane America after his Green Bay Packers were on the losing end of incompetence.

For in the final few minutes of the fourth quarter in Seattle, he sat there helpless as the authorities made phantom calls (roughing the passer), and let offenders off while punishing the innocent (pass interference on the team that did not do the interfering).

But the most egregious moment came when the authorities took from a guy who possessed something and gave it to one who did not possess it (interception in end zone given to offense) even after the false recipient had flagrantly violated the rules immediately prior (pushing defender Sam Shields onto the ground to get him away from making the catch.)

You also may easily call the replacement referees of that Monday Night NFL game, so inept to lead and make accurate, solid and correct decisions: Obama, Holder, Reid and Pelosi. For these inept jokers in Washington continue to make the same type of stupid, wrong, unfair and inaccurate decisions just like the replacement refs.

Yes, just like the rest of America, fed up with incompetence, bad judgement and injustice, coach Mike McCarthy needs to talk to a chair.

And to the NFL commissioner, here's this: if the man can't do his job, he has to be replaced.

Not taking anything away from the fierce defense and solid football team Pete Carroll has built in Seattle; they owned the Packers in the first half with an avalanche of sacks on Aaron Rodgers.

However, more credit should go to coach McCarthy and the Packers offense who came out and ran the ball down the Seahawks throats with Cedric Benson and a number of short hitch passes. Very clever and creative for McCarthy who found a way to get it done.

And the Green Bay defense also seems to be for real. They were solid and stubborn. The Seahawks are for real, but the Packers are the real deal.

And just as the cheaters in Washington have galvanized the majority of responsible Americans to go forward with one will toward getting rid of the incompetent, so this loss and the way the Packers were cheated out of this win will galvanize this Packers team who will be impossible to beat the rest of the year.

The Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl, and Obama will finally be sent to the toilet bowl. Both deservedly so.

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