Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Packers Stalking Upcoming Win Against Forty-Niners

It is only July but it seems that the Packers are focused and gearing up for one important event - defeating the San Francisco 49ers in the season opener.

Frankly, I wouldn't want to be the Forty-Niners. So bitter to the Packers was their playoff loss to the Niners that you can imagine Green Bay's coaching staff obsessing about it for six months straight. Day after day mulling over how to prevent Colin Kaepernick from running through blimp-size holes in the Packer defense. Over and over again thinking through players, packages and strategies to stop that from ever happening again. Drafting for it. Firing people for it (Eric Walden). Defensive coach Dom Capers is obsessive enough...this probably sent him into full-blown  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Think: crazy stalker you spurned once that keeps calling and leaving messages, like 130 a day. Who then says they bought a knife and are on the way to your house for a visit. To be the team that is the sole object of such off-season seething can not be a good thing.

Furthermore, the Packers are looking to fill Candlestick Park in  San Francisco with cheeseheads on opening day. They're running promotions to go see the America's Cup in the bay one day and off to Candlestick the next. But I can't think of a single cheesehead who gives one hoot about America's Cup, unless it was filled with Leinenkugel's. Perhaps a better advert would have been to say, go over to the east side of the bay one day to visit Sir Charles Woodson and Matt Flynn over at the Oakland Collesium and then go to  back to the west side to watch the Packers. Or the best draw of all would have been for the Packers to have kept Charles Woodson then people wouldn't have to go visit him. If Woodson doesn't get his name enshrined on the walls of Lambeau field next to Bart Starr and the likes, well they can take my name down... Heh-heh. Woodson was the defensive heart of our latest Super Bowl team and should live forever in the Lambeau. As for Flynn, we wish him all the best as an Oakland Raider. He was and is a much-appreciated class act.

But weren't we talking abou the Forty-Niners? Yes, it would suck to be them...I mean who gets down to the FIVE yard line in the Super Bowl and has four downs to get into the end zone and does not use the legs of Kaepernick, the guy who got you there? What were they thinking?  They choked like their name was the Minnesota Vikings. And the Niner fans have had to live with that supreme disappointment for six long months now. Too bad. I don't feel sorry for them. It's the Niners own fault, they should have called Kaepernick's number on four straight downs. I mean it's like you've got Babe Ruth up to bat in the World Series and you have him bunt. It was just stupid and the Niners got nobody else to blame.

But their headaches aren't going to end there. Not if Mike McCarthy has anything to say about it. The Niners may be able to accomplish some things successfully against Green Bay in September, but it won't be by Colin Kapernick's legs.  The Packers will shut that down. And other NFL teams will watch and learn and adopt whatever worked for Green Bay. It could therefore be a disappointing year for the Niners. They should have run Kaepernick four straight downs in the Super Bowl. They had it. It was right there. Instead they got nothing and now they're going to pay because teams will learn how to stop their threat. And it all starts against Green Bay..who have been thinking of nothing else since January.

I'm thinking coach McCarthy and coach Capers would make fine stalkers. My money's on them.

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