Monday, September 29, 2008

Packers Achieve Mediocrity; Vikings Lose

The Green Bay Packers, boasting an offensive line that plays like a Troop of Girl Scouts, settled comfortably into the zone of mediocrity in Tampa on Sunday angainst the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Using alternate sparks of brilliance and episodes of ineptitude, the Packers proved they can strike in a heart beat or fall flat on their face just as quickly.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who spent much of the day running away from Tampa's pass rush, and also left the game with what may be a separated shoulder, saw enough passes slip through the hands of Green Bay's receivers to make a Blooper episode on You Tube. And did Donald Driver even get the ball thrown at him at all?

The left side of the Packer's offensive line is weaker than a French defense. Neither Rodgers or running back Ryan Grant can count on anything from that direction except a steady stream of hurricanes. When Chad Clifton isn't penalized for holding, his man is either sacking the quarterback, forcing an early throw, or eating Ryan Grant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Until the Packers find an answer to this problem, nobody should expect anything better than an 8-8 season.

Yes, the Green Bay defense is pretty good. Charles Woodson is playing like an mvp and the rest of the secondary is also sharp. Our linebackers are strong, as is our d-line. But when an offense goes three and out repeatedly, all day long, it places an unfair and disproportionate burden on our pretty good defense.

And if Rodgers will be missing some time, this will mean that rookie Matt Flynn will be starting at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers (I told ya so). Flynn will have to spend some obligatory adjustment time which often relies on the run game. Only problem is that we don't have one because our Girl Scouts can't block.

Good luck to Flynn. Hopefully he can pick things up quickly. He should be able to as he is used to high-pressure, important games and has proved himself to be a leader as he led his LSU team to the NCAA National Championship last year.

But until we learn how to block, it is going to me a mediocre year for everyone...except for Jets fans who saw Brett Favre toss 6 touchdown passes yesterday. Thanks again, Ted.

By the way, the Vikings lost too, and so did the Cowboys.

Game ball goes to: Charles Woodson


Anonymous said...

haha the "nuclear bomb" palin has fizzled:

and she's a pathological liar:

lied about selling the plane on ebay

lied about stopping the bridge to nowhere

lied about being anti-earmark: as mayor of wasilla she got $27 million for her town of 6000 and as governor of alaska she requested more earmark $ per capita than any other governor.

lied about how she would cooperate w/ the investigation into her potential abuse of power, now she refuses to testify and gop lawyers are trying to delay the results of the investigation until after the election.

repeats the mccain campaign lie that obama wants to raise taxes: obama wants to cut taxes for 95% of americans.

saying you're a reformer doesn't make it so...

plus she is totally clueless about everything. in her two trainwrecks also known as interviews, not counting the hannity infomercial ("sarah, don't you think that barack obama's plan for ___________ is bad?), we have learned that palin doesn't know who hamas is, thinks that proximity to russia is a foreign policy qualification, has absolutely no clue about the economy (as evidenced by her rambling, ms. south carolina-esque response to couric's question about the bailout), doesn't know what the bush doctrine is, and can't name a single supreme court case other than roe vs wade. that's simply inexcusable. she has no business being anywhere near washington dc. i don't care if she's a pitbull or a barracuda or a hottie or someone i'd have a beer with. i've had it with that line of thinking.

and one last dose of palin's reformer credentials: she says that the majority-republican panel investigating her is biased, so she has appointed her own investigator to investigate herself. the only thing is, she gets to fire the guy whenever she wants and the investigation is secret. what a maverick.

PackSmack said...


Calm down, dude. Is someone's value or worth determined by 'the polls?' That's how Clinton ran his administration, he did whatever the polls dictated. Which reveals, of course that he had no inner, moral compass by which to guide him in decision-making. Sarah Palin doesn't have that problem.

Sure go ahead and believe all the slander being reported by Obama's love-children (the main stream media)...also believe that she had an affair, the baby is really her daughters baby and that Palin's husband fathered it...sure, all kinds of slander is being poured on by people desperate to avoid having someone tell them that its not alright to sleep with your boyfriend, that abortion is wrong and that you need to be responsible for your actions....Dems don't like to hear that and will crucify anyone who dares tell them...and you all hate Sarah Palin because she stands for what is right. The desperate vile coming from the liberal media and the liberal camp is reprehensible and clearly reveals their hateful, not hopeful, colors.

Vince Lombardi would be ashamed of you for dog-piling on hateful assumptions, for dodging social personal responsibility and defining right and wrong apart from what Vince learned at church, which he regularly attended. Lombardi was a conservative Republican and would be thrilled by Palin and would see right through Mr. Talk but no substance, Obama.

packerwatch said...

i never repeated anything about the conspiracy theory about trig or track or dig or rock or whatever the hell that baby's name is. it's a stupid conspiracy and it's a fringe group that's repeating it. it certainly doesnt represent the mainstream liberal opinions.

everything i posted, on the other hand, is 100% true.

and are you saying that i am against palin because i am against righteousness?

PackSmack said...


No, I am not saying that you are against Palin because you are against righteousness. I can't see inside your heart. Well, I can see in it far enough to see that much of it is green and yellow (GO PACK GO!). I was making a generalization...I said, 'you all'.

So tell me, why do you hate Palin?

PackSmack said...

Don't forget to check this out:

packerwatch said...

have you read the book about vince lombardi, "when pride still mattered?" he was a kennedy democrat.

i already told you why i don't like palin. she's a liar. and the lies i listed are real and verifiable.

i'll also add that palin appeals to the ill-informed group of americans who want to vote for a president they can "have a beer with." the people who like palin (and that group is rapidly shrinking) mainly like her b/c they think "she's just like me." well guess what. i want someone smarter than me to be president. i don't want a president who i can have a beer with. next time you're in a bar, look around: you see any presidents?

PackSmack said...

PW, I don't go to bars. Neither does Palin, I would guess. And judging from her ability to stand toe to toe with a 35-year politician in last night's debate, and entirely hold her own, she is likely smarter than you and me both.

As for her being a liar, I suppose Snopes is your truth-meter, huh? Not all of us need to go to Snopes to be able to discern truth vs. falsehood or integrity vs. Chicago-slimy. The lady has integrity; Obama has none. He thinks you are bitter and cling to guns and religion.

As for Lombardi, have you forgotten that he was offered the Vice-Presidency on the Richard Nixon ticket of 1968? He debated it but turned it down because he did not want to get into politics. That ticket was conservative Republican ticket. Kennedy was dead by then so he couldn't have been a Kennedy Democrat at that time.

It's not the people who want to have a beer with Palin that are attracted to her position on the ticket, it is that she represents family values, integrity and doing the right thing, unlike Obama's lifestyle which involves hanging with terrorists (William Ayers) and communists (Frank Marshall David)and other radical whacks. Integrity is not a personal concern for Obama, and also must not be a criteria for the lemmings who follow him, unfortunately.

It seems to me that you are blind to objectivity and strongly biased. Such are not characteristics of a truth-seeker.

packerwatch said...

he turned down nixon's offer because he was a democrat.

and snopes,, etc are better sources of the truth than anonymous emails and "your gut."

but i didn't get those facts from snopes (the ones about palin being a liar). i independently researched all of them.

PackSmack said...

Lombardi still a democrat? I quote the very book you referred to earlier:

"Lombardi was moving that way himself, pushed away from his Democratic roots by what he saw as the excesses of the counterculture,
and pulled toward conservative Republicans ...

...Patriotic groups reprinted his speeches and recruited him to join their causes. William O'Hara, a friend and classmate from Fordham, persuaded him to join a list
of conservative figures supporting the Nixon administration's policies in Vietnam and development of the ABM defense
system. O'Hara considered Lombardi by then "very much to the right." "

Anonymous said...

throughout the book it is stressed that lombardi started becoming more conservative not because he agreed with them ideologically, but because he didn't want to be associated with the counterculture.

but to be honest, even if lombardi was a ultra far right conservative it wouldn't affect my views. he was a great football coach, and i admire him for that, but i would never allow my political views to be reshaped b/c of what a good football coach thinks.

PackSmack said...

Which is how it should be. Fair enough.

Let's hope the Pack has some offense against Atlanta tomorrow.

I have enjoyed our discussions and recognize that the bottom line is that we could sit right next to each other at Lambeau and have the greatest of times.

Anonymous said...

ok, truce?

PackSmack said...

truce? always.