Sunday, September 21, 2008

Packers Shut T.O.'s Mouth; Bears Lose

Two good things happened today: Charles Woodson and the Green Bay Packers shut down the Dallas Cowboy's Terell Owens, thus closing his loud mouth, and the Chicago Bears lost.

Yeah, sure the Packers took one on the chin at Lambeau from the versatile Cowboys, but at least Terell's bag of celebratory popcorn went untouched.

The Cowboys, ranking high in the 'Hated' category along with the Patriots and the lowly Bears, were able to get to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers far too often for the Packers to complete many sustained drives. Though the Packers own defensive line played well, their front four did not have equivalent success attacking Tony Romo. With the mysterious absence of an accompanying Packers blitz Romo found all the time he needed to dish the ball nearly at will, with the exception of being unable to connect often with T.O.

The bruising running of the Cowboys' Marion Barber hurt the Packers some, but Green Bay played a respectable defensive game considering the potent Dallas offense, and the fact that the Packers own offense was seldom on the field for long in the second half.

Field position played an important role in the game. Frequent Green Bay return penalties succeeded in making sure the Packers started out deep in the hole, while the Packers anemic punting game seldom pinned Dallas behind its own twenty.

So if this was a test to see where the Packers are at, it appears that we are a good team, but not an elite team. Our offensive line is shakier than Wall Street, and we get penalties like Bill Clinton at Hooters. We will be able to play with most teams, and will contend in our division, but to make another appearance in the NFC Championship with a porous offensive line is as unrealistic as a community organizer being suitable for the Presidency.

But at least there are some solid aspects to our team, at least T.O. will be silent for a week, and at least Chicago has both Obama and the Bears, both of whom are filled with a lot of hot air, but have no plan on how to win a game or a war.

Game ball to: Charles Woodson.


Anonymous said...

oh come on. cheap shot at obama...

let's stick to sports!

PackSmack said...

Sorry, PackerWatch, Obama gets the Smackdown like any other Bears fan. :)

Anonymous said...

haha obama was in green bay the other day. no mention of football (he knows the bears suck, i think).

PackSmack said...

PackerWatch, when you gonna post another story? I always enjoy reading your articles.

And wouldn't it have been funny for Obama in Green Bay to start spouting off about da Bears? They would have lynched him then and there. If his aides are smart, they would have warned him to not speak about da Bears because they would have known that Packer fans HATE the Bears. Credit Obama for not being stupid enough to bring up them Bears at a rally in Green Bay. It's crazy, but we love our Pack.

MJ Kasprzak said...

PackSMack never said Obama's an idiot--he's not gonna say anything about the Bears in Green Bay! I also love the Clinton dig.
But I gotta call you out on the hot air thing--McCain is full of more than anyone, having been cited twice as often by (non-partisan) as Barry. And he doesn't have a plan to win the war either--he's just willing to stay without one.

MJ Kasprzak said...

Oh, but getting back to football, I ESPECIALLY love the dig on TO!

PackSmack said...


Yeah, I didn't say Obama was an idiot, but I sure do think he is. LOL. Him being a Bears fan is just icing on the cake. By the way, I've got no problems mixing politics and football here on Packsmack, so feel free to fire away. BTW, I saw your profile... was pleased to see that you were not a twenty-something like I thought you likely were. Badgers BLEW it today!! REAL BUMMER.

MJ Kasprzak said...

Yeah, I'm closing in on 40!
Alright, here goes, but we'll see if we can pull off the smack talk without offense this time!

If he's an idiot, what does that make McCain? All that experience and he was that wrong about the war, while Obama was right from the start. Barry got where he is through his Harvard education; Mac got there by marrying a beer heiress...hmmm, who's smarter? Wait, Mac did it a lot easier and I bet Cindy was hot back in the day, so maybe it IS John!

PackSmack said...


Remember the smack last time was deliberately over the top because I thought that is what you wanted.

Barry got where he got? Not sure he is anywhere besides being a community organizer. McCain, on the other hand, his dad was IN CHARGE of US forces for a time in Vietnam...he spent many years in the military...there is no contest as to who is qualified to protect this country.

As for the war and the 'wrong' theory have you forgotten that Sadaam Hussein AGREED to certain conditions for a cease-fire in 1991? When he violated the cease-fire agreement that he had signed off on, he was then eligible to get pounded. ONly Clinton was too busy chasing his secretary around the desk to find the sand to be able to go and take care of business with Sadaam's violation of an agreement that ended the Gulf War. Had Clinton had the fortitude to take care of him then, well, we wouldn't have had to do it later. Furthermore, had the liberal lobby not whined about not getting Hussein himself, but only drive Iraq out of Kuwait, well the problem would have been solved then. But the liberals and the liberal international community were loud and vocal that we shouldn't go after Hussein... so liberal policies created the mess that GWB had to go in and clean up. McCain was right in his support for this. Had liberal policies prevailed, terrorism would have conquered and been emboldened, just like they were with Clinton's withdrawing from Somalia and his weakness toward Iraq. Dictators and Muslim terrorists only understand one thing: power. And Obama would rather 'negotiate' thus showing weakness than project power.

Well, the Pack is on...GO PACK GO!

Anonymous said...

I've got a new post up.

And as long as we're on the topic of politics, let me point out that McCain's selection of Sarah Palin should permanently disqualify McCain from any public office.