Monday, October 20, 2008

Packers Soar, Make Horse Meat out of Colts

The Green Bay Packers finally found their running game. Whether it was running back Ryan Grant finding his game legs or the offensive line finding their testosterone, one thing is for sure, Grant and the Packer line pounded the Indianapolis Colts in a convincing 34-14 win at Lambeau Field.

Furthermore, Grant's steady real-estate grab did for Aaron Rodgers what a running game always does - it opened up the passing game. So when the Packers were not shoving the ball down the Colts' throats, they were tossing it over their heads. This effective combination created the balanced offense that has been missing thus far in the 2008 season, and also allowed Green Bay to drive down the field almost at will. With mostly short passes, guys like Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and Donald Lee found holes in the Colt's defense time after time.

On defense, it was Charles Woodson and friends making Peyton Manning look like Charlie Brown. Playing as good of pass defense as seems possible against a lethal passing game, when Green Bay's corners and safeties weren't knocking the ball down, they were picking it off and sometimes returning it for TD's. Seldom was Manning allowed to get comfortable in the pocket, seldom did he get a good pass off, and often were few of his receivers open enough to be able to get thrown a pass.

Green Bay looked like the veteran team today and Manning and his Colts looked like strugglers. Credit all of this to what the Green Bay Packers brought to the table, which was everything.

This was by far the Packers most impressive outing. And for the first time since Brett Favre uttered, 'maybe,' Green Bay played like contenders and find themselves tied for first in the NFC North division. Which is not a bad place to be if the growing pains are now over and if the ugly part of the season has passed.

Game Ball: Offensive Line


MJ Kasprzak said...

Hey, it's looking more like Favre is the bad guy in the divorce every day--you might wanna change some of those poll questions from Thompson to Favre. Check out my latest article over on Bleacher Report--it's a brutal but funny shot at him--and the one before it (Say It Ain't So...).

PackersLounge said...

This is the dumbest Packer article I have ever read. I am ashamed to be a associated with the Packer blogosphere after readin this.

Get a grip, do some reading too.