Sunday, November 2, 2008

Packers Lose, But Obama Sucks

OK, the Packers lost a tight one that they could have won. But since there is a very important election this week, a plea to all Cheeseheads to come to reason is not out of order here. Give me a moment, please and let me speak Wisconsinite to Wisconsinite...

You do know that the Republican Party was started in Wisconsin, don't you? Yup, in Antigo, I believe. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President. So it is not like Republican ideas are foreign to the state.

Now listen, the main media outlets, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS are grossly biased in their campaign coverage. This is not just an opinion, it has been analyzed and proven. This is because the media has an agenda, and Obama is their agenda. So all I'm saying is that what you have heard is probably slanted news.

The bottom line is that Obama's policies are radical, un-Wisconsin, SOCIALIST policies. You don't want socialism. If you do, then why don't you go to work this week and when you get your check on Friday cash it and send half of it to some lazy Bears fans who don't want to work.

Socialism's motto is "To each according to his need from each according to his ability." This is what Obama is talking about with his "redistribution of wealth" ideas. The ideas, that is, that saying I just quoted, was originally made by Karl Marx, the founder of communism/socialism. Obama is intentionally trying to turn this country upside down so that people who do not have money start getting some from those who do, as mandated by Obama's government.

If you can not see how dangerous this is, you are not paying attention.

As for his buddy, Bill Ayers, whom Obama has lied about, and was much closer to than he admits, well do you know that he planned on taking over the US government, giving some to China, some to North Vietnam, some to Russia and he estimated that he would have to set up 'reducation camps' but that about 25 million US citizens would not be swayed and so these 25 million Amreicans would have to be killed. Think about that for a moment...

And Bill Ayers still thinks this way. And Obama is his buddy.

Can you not see that this is a radical, black-liberation theologist-inspired, socialistic effort to completely change the United States of America? This is NOT the kind of change you or I want. It is Chicago-welfare on a national scale.

Do you know that Obama wants to spread the welfare to the world, where we would be mandated to give almost a billion dollars a year to low-economic countries in Africa?

Obama is trying to make his radical, personal pet projects all of ours so that he can use our money to do it with.

Vince Lombardi would see right through this pretender and would kick Obama's can. Nitcshke would tear his head off. And Bart Starr, just think how he will be voting this year.

The media and the liberals have slammed George W. Bush because they hate him. But he has kept us safe for 8 years hasn't he?

Please do now swallow Obama's "Change" motto because you might not like Bush. I personally do like him and am grateful for his service. But the type of 'change' Obama wants to bring is NOT the kind of change that would serve us Cheeseheads well. I say this in all sincerity.

Please do not vote for Obama. I know he talks smooth, but do not risk the general well-being of this country to this proven radical.

Please think about it before you vote.


By the way, that no-call on the long pass to Greg Jennings was blatant and cost us the game.


Anonymous said...

i don't care to get into another big debate, but let me just ask one question.

if obama doesn't turn america into a socialist welfare dictatorship ravaged by terrorism with william ayers as secretary of state and other nightmarish occurences happening daily, will you admit that you were maybe a tad overzealous in your attacks on obama?

PackersLounge said...

This is the dumbest Packer article I have ever read. I am ashamed to be a associated with the Packer blogosphere after readin this.

Get a grip, do some reading too.

Aaron said...

Even the SOCIALISTS don't think Obama's a Socialist for God's sake...,0,4048540.story

PackSmack said...

Do you liberal gentlemen want some cheese with that whine?

PW, ain't gonna happen.