Sunday, September 27, 2009

Packers Open a Can on Rams

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Donald Driver may not be Superman; but he does a pretty good imitation. Green Bay's leading receiver's several big catches, including an other-worldly one-handed stab, fit in nicely with a big-play offense, big-play defense and big-play special teams as the Packers overwhelmed the St. Louis Rams.

Though plagued by inconsistency, each aspect of Green Bay's game came up with timely heroics which most often helped put points on the board. Some of those include a blocked field goal, fumble recovery, an interception, big tackles and Aaron Rodgers to [name your choice of blazing Packer receivers here] for big yards.

Together, they added up to a good outing and a convincing win.

And Aaron Rodgers, though he missed some open guys, the man certainly does have an NFL arm. And feet. He is the Steve Young of the Packers and there is every reason to believe that he will effectively lead this team. Like Young, Rodgers' quick feet are surprisingly effective once pass protection breaks down. Though he was once again sacked a few times, more often than not, he turned potential sacks into gainers or first downs.

The big play capability is definitely as aspect of the game that other teams should fear this year.

Charles Woodson is a walking big play. His lightening-fast kamakazi strikes into the ball carrier, usually the Ram's Steven Jackson, came swiftly and powerfully and with the same effect; in one brutal assault, he wiped out both the blocker and Jackson.

Likewise, the stubborn Packer defensive line did a good job of generally bottling up a powerful running back. Though Jackson got his yards, the defense never allowed him the big gainer.

But the most lethal, soul-killing weapon in Green Bay's arsenal has to be the Rodgers to Driver/Jennings, etc. down field combinations. When you can advance 60 yards, seemingly at any time, that is a real threat.

And when you can effectively do it multiple times per game, it is a nightmare for the opposing team's defense.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the Rams will be getting much sleep tonight.

Game ball: Aaron Rodgers.

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