Friday, September 4, 2009

Packers' Junior-Varsity Struggles

AP Photo/John Russell

The Tennessee Titans proved that they are better than Green Bay's junior varsity on Thursday night in Tennessee, but there was plenty of opportunity for the Packer coaches to evaluate the talent on the field.

Green Bay's starting offensive and defensive squads are both performing at an effective level, so they got to take most of the night off. This game was the one where those players whose futures as a Packer are questionable, or whose careers are on the bubble, got a generous opportunity to showcase their abilities.

Some of last night's players will never put on a Packer uniform again. Others may never put on an NFL uniform again. So it was a great privilege to get extended playing time for them, I am sure, though, it cannot be easy or fun to be faced with elimination after the game.

One player who probably might be shown the door is backup quarterback Brian Brohm. Or not. He is not exactly bad enough to let go. But he is not really good enough to keep. So maybe the Pack will hang on to him just in case.

But he plays like, well, like a Detroit Lions quarterback; or a Chicago Bears quarterback. Not always horrible. Not ever great. Just alright.

And as Chicago and Detroit were going through a whole census of quarterbacks the past 17 years, Green Bay had two. So we have a different standard for quarterbacks, it seems. And with Aaron Rodgers living up to that extremely high standard nicely, it does not seem like a Brian Brohm will ever make the grade as a Green Bay Packer.

There will also be hard decisions to make at the running back position with some players making better statements than others last night. My guess is that Wynn will be released along with Brohm, or traded.

But all those chips will fall where they may. Our focus now is on the regular season and the hated Chicago Bears on September 13th.

My hate-the-Bears thermometer is already rising...

Go, Pack, Go!


Jim said...

Great blog...what do you think the Packers will do against the Bears. I hope Jay Cutler is as big of a jerk as he seems like in this article.

PackSmack said...

I think Aaron Rodgers will tear apart the Bears' defensive backfield. Jennings, Driver, Jones and the rest will enjoy a bountiful day.

And if Cutler wasn't a jerk before, once he put on a Bears uniform, he is one in spades!