Friday, August 31, 2012

Questions About the Packers

I still am not over the playoff loss to the New York Giants last January. But it is looking like a new season is about to begin.

Of course the many months between then and now have provided plenty of opportunities to wonder how we could have lost and not gone on to win the Super Bowl. And, of course, the final decision is that our defense sucked.

Looking at the preseason indicators, regardless of the draft, I am still not confident that the problems have been solved. Though I am willing, at present I remain unconvinced.

Because, though the Packers rocked in terms of interceptions and turnovers last year, the haunting questions remain: can we stop the run and can we stop the big-gainer pass plays?

Offensively, it is likely that we will perform and produce again given the deadly weapons the Packer offense is equipped with. As exciting as it was last year, it is not unreasonable to look forward to similar fireworks again this year.

But is the defensive puzzle solved? That is the only question, and a big one.

I mean, the let down last year, because of an inept defense, was like getting your prom date stolen by another guy before the night was over (...which I did do to some poor sap one night a long time ago...he he). The season was great, the offense was spectacular and valid expectations pointed to another NFL championship.

And then we let the New York Giants break our hearts in Lambeau once again. It was just wrong.

So let's hope that the decision-makers have taken steps to fix what was broken in a memorable season last year, so that we can finish like we ought to this year.

And, though I do know my man Matt Flynn went to Seattle, and deservedly so, since I am too heart-broken to look at much football for many months after we do not win the Super Bowl, I myself have some questions that maybe someone can help clarify...

1. What happened to Ryan Grant?
2. What about Chad Clifton, is he still on the team?
3. Who else is gone?
4. Which Packer veterans are on the bubble and could be cut?
5. What did we have to give up to get Cedric Benson?

Lots of questions about the Packers, but looking forward to a great year.

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