Monday, November 10, 2008

Vikings Choke Packers

The Minnesota defensive line had Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers running around like the John McCain campaign the day before election day. When they weren't smashing him to the turf of the HomerDome, they were chasing him into the sidelines, making him rush his throws, or putting up safeties.

Furthermore, Viking running back Adrienne Peterson did whatever he wanted and got his big yards.

But with all the Minnesota dominance on the field, they still choked enough to give Green Bay a final shot at winning a game that the Packers had no business winning but Packer kicker Mason Crosby's game-ending field goal attempt was unfortunately inches wide of the goal post.

Much of the Vikings obligatory choke had to do with Green Bay's extremely stingy defensive backfield that picked almost as many Gus Frerotte passes as President-elect Barack Obama picked terrorists and radicals for friends. It was the defensive backfield and Will Blackmon who kept the Packers in the game. Charles Woodson should be put not only into the Pro Bowl, but also into the Hall of Fame immediately. Green Bay's pass defense is as good as it has ever been even with Al Harris.

But where is the pass blocking? Sure Minnesota has perhaps the best pass rush in the NFL, and has the talent to win the Super Bowl, but Green Bay has to find a way to protect Aaron Rodgers. Of course the Vikings will not win the Super Bowl, although they could beat any team in the league, because they will always choke, but if the Packers, who also could almost beat any other NFL team, want to be the best, they have to find a way to beat the best. Despite two losses to two very good teams, and games the Packers could have won, Green Bay is very close to being a dominant team. And getting the pass blocking down is a mandatory step for the Packers to find themselves among the parity-elite, so to speak.

There is a good chance that Green Bay could win the rest of their regular season games. There is also the chance that they could continue to play .500 ball. But there is no chance that any opponent will put up big passing yards against the NFL's finest defensive back cadre.

Game Ball to: Charles Woodson and Friends.

p.s. Obama the socialist still sucks. And packeraaron over at, a rabid, kool-aid-drinking Obama supporter, who cheerleads for all of the Messiah's socialist policies, will be more than willing to write each of you a nice, healthy personal check (to 'spread the wealth around' and 'redistribute the wealth') so that his actions (money) are consistent with his mouth. Otherwise he would be a typical liberal hypocrite.

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