Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Close, But Yet So Favre Away

Photo AP/MikeRoemer

It is fourth down and a million for the Green Bay Packers.

Today's loss to the Panthers puts the Pack's record at a 'playing for the future' 5-7, and the playoffs about as likely as a Barack Obama birth certificate.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was generous in spreading the passing wealth on offense as he and the receivers put up big numbers on big plays in something of a banner performance.

Unfortunately, the defense once again did not hold its own and allowed four rushing touchdowns. Evidently Aaron Kampman has some others who play on the defensive line with him, but none of them can stop the run or put pressure on the quarterback. So who's decision was it to let KGB go? Who the heck let Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila go???

It is still possible for the Packers to win the division. It is also still possible for Rosie to get another television series. But it is not likely at this point.

So, it might as well be time to begin the season's reckoning. Leaders understand accountability; so I am sure that the Green Bay Packers leaders also welcome accountability. So let's look at who is responsible for the mess we're in.

Responsibility for the sub-par season falls solely on the man who wanted to put his own personal stamp on the Packers; and indeed has. Not all of his decisions were as widely seen as one, but perhaps his most public one was the one that says the most about the man, Ted Thompson. For when he sent Brett Favre away to the New York Jets, he was saying that he had a better plan than keeping with the team that went to the NFC Championship earlier this year. His dealing Favre away perhaps summarizes the level of football intelligence this man and encapsulates the whole of his theories and ideas.

Well, is 5-7 an idea that appeals to you? Nope, me neither. What's next, 5-8? 5-9? 5-10?

Who the heck let Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila go, anyway???

This season is a wash and it is time to start planning for next year, and what better place to start than with someone finally showing general manager Ted Thompson the dang door. It doesn't matter if the door is open or not, but the man needs to go through it. Now.

He wanted all the accolades for being another Ron Wolf, so he gets to, instead, accept the responsibility for being a failure, for being a sheep in Wolf's clothing. He needs to get moving down the road immediately, so that we can 'prepare for the future.'

Game Ball: Aaron Rodgers & Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila...


Aaron Nagler said...

How many sacks did KGB have this season before being let go? Riggghhhht....

PackSmack said...

And how many sacks did people not named Aaron Kampman have against Carolina? KGB is a proven sack producer.

But you do win the Missed The Point Award for the day.

Anonymous said...

eh. kgb was never a run stuffer. and he was past his prime and wanted big big money. i'd rather not WAY overpay for a fading star...

i don't think the blame rests on ted thompson's shoulders. rodgers and favre have put up comparable numbers. but i think if we aren't any better next year, we can start blaming thompson.

i'll take thompson (a.j. hawk, aaron rodgers, james jones, greg jennings, nick collins, mason crosby) over mike sherman (cletidus hunt, b.j. sander, ahmad carrol) any day of the week.