Sunday, October 25, 2009

Packers Better Than Browns

Photo\John Kuntz

The Green Bay Packers are better than the Cleveland Browns. But that does not answer the question; almost everyone is better than the Cleveland Browns.

Despite flashes of excellence in the quick-striking passing game which resulted in multiple touchdown passes; and playing great defense; and protecting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay failed to answer the question.

Because when you are playing the worst defense in the NFL which also has an anemic offense (think Packers, circa 1984) you SHOULD be able to impose your will with your strengths; but you should also answer the question.

And in the process of beating up on the Browns, the Packers were getting help around the league as both the Bears and the Vikings suffered losses, bringing Green Bay to within one single game of sharing the conference lead; a game which brings up the REAL question: Can the Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings?

Though coach Mike McCarthy tried to unleash his running game, it took wayyy more attempts than it should have to unleash Ryan Grant, don't you think? Against the league's worst defense?

So what's going to happen next week when the Minnesota Vikings bring Jared Allen and the Williamsses to Lambeau?

And though Chad Clifton was not in the game to accumulate more bone head penalties, other Packers stepped in to pick up the slack and they penalized their way back on to McCarthy's list.

So if Green Bay still has not mastered the run game, and if they still make an unacceptable number of stupid penalties, CAN THEY BEAT THE VIKINGS?

Yes, they protected the quarterback against Cleveland, but until they can fix those two remaining problems, one game might be the closest they get to the conference lead for the rest of the year.

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