Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ted Thompson, How's That 'New Direction' Working For Ya Then?

Morry Gash/AP

Ted Thompson, go dig a hole and crawl into it and just stay there.

Your 'new direction' came face to face with the 'original direction' and wiped your nose in it badly.

Brett Favre tore you new body orifices last night, Ted. And you've got the best corners in the league.

Where the heck was the protection for your prodigy quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, Ted?

So you wanted to go a 'new direction' so you threw Brett Favre out of Green Bay. Well, guess what, he didn't just ride away into the sunset. He came back and blazed more holes through you than the buildings at the Alamo. Brett Favre swiss-cheesed every presumption of genius you though you had.

And you should have been fired long ago, but today, you should be fired IMMEDIATELY!

Your plan has not worked, does not work, and will not work.

And I'm sorry to have to say this, but I TOLD YOU SO!

Great effort by the Pack in stopping Adrian Peterson. They did a good job with that. Also great efforts by Ryan Grant, Aaron Rodgers, Woodson, Harris, and the linebackers.

It is just too bad that the Packers had to play against the deadliest gun-slinger ever, Brett Favre.

Thanks, Ted.

Game Ball: Brett Favre.


Anonymous said...

After losing to Tampa Bay, I think we need to start thinking about the curse of the Favre. Thompson has sown to wind by rejecting the best quarter back the Packers ever had.

chris said...

I am devastated in the direction he has taken the GreenBay Packers and its not getting better Tampa Bay game might as well been Detriot I dont believe we can we another Game.Changes need to be made now.Ted and Mike need to go I want Holgrome back look what he did with everybody he coached and the reason he is not here is we wouldnt give him the GM job look what that would have done givin us a dynasty under favre so they got to go NOW before they completly turn this football team into the bart starr days who wants that. I know my spelling sucks sorry