Monday, August 18, 2008

Cheeseheads Invade Candlestick Park

Everybody knows that the Packers travel well. What that means, of course, is that no matter what stadium the Green Bay team shows up in, the faithful Cheesehead Nation is in the stands.

This last Saturday as the Packers were preparing to play the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park, there was strong Cheesehead representation in the parking lot enjoying the time-honored tradition of tailgating.

One fan was overheard calling the healthy presence of Packer fans in the parking lot, "Packer main street," due to the many, many cheeseheads, Packer jerseys and general green and yellow presence.

Several Cheeseheads of note were some of the Lake Tahoe, California contingency of Cheeseheads pictured here in two appropriate poses.

One fan, originally from Texas, used to watch Vince Lombardi and his World Champions practiced at Southern Methodist University in the early 1960's in an intimate, casual setting much like what current Packer fans enjoy now at Clark Hinkle Field in Green Bay. He was hooked then and has remained a faithful follower ever since. He wears the rare #66 jersey that honors the great Packer legend, Ray Nitcshke. Nice to see that jersey.

Another one of the Lake Tahoe fans is a gem in that he is originally from Illinois (pictured above as #4). He came up to Lambeau field many years ago to watch a Packer game and saw how the Packers and their fans was a love affair, that it was all family, and he converted on the spot. He has special memories from that first Packer game and has carried his Packer loyalty through the many years since.

Further representation from the Packer family in Candlestick's parking lot was evident by the obligatory green and yellow painted body which a senior Cheesehead applied to an up-and-coming Packer fanatic. The finished product waltzed into the stadium and to his seat in body paint and donning a cheesehead. San Franciscans stared and Packer fans cheered.

A new wrinkle on the actual Cheesehead itself was displayed by one Packer fan as he sported a Cheesehead adapted as a sombrero to reflect some of the California cultural influence. You gotta love that Cheesehead sombrero!

Also included are several other pictures of various Packer fans who gathered outside Candlestick and enjoyed a memorable pre-game celebration amidst the warm community of loyal Green Bay Packer fans.

Not pictured is the Packer fan who was passing around the bottle of whiskey. It was clear from his personal navigational difficulties that he had consumed much of the bottle's contents himself, and he was well on his way to a forgettable experience.

If he ever did find his way into the stadium, hopefully he did nothing to tarnish the reputation of the rest of the amiable Cheesehads to the just-as-amiable San Francisco 49er fans who were wonderful hosts.

Of course, it is always easy to be congenial when your team is up twenty-something to six, isn't it?

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