Sunday, August 24, 2008

So Which Direction are the Packers Going?

Dr. Jekyl shows up in San Francisco, while it is Mr. Hyde who played in Denver. So just who are the Green Bay Packers this year?

Although the embarrassment of the second pre-season game was about as bad as a date with a woman from Chicago bear country, and just as ugly, perhaps some conciliation can be gained in the fact that coach Mike McCarthy was able to overcome it and have his team put together a respectable showing in the third pre-season outing.

But one good game does not a pattern of consistency establish. Yes, it was a step in the right direction; but with the missteps in San Francisco still fresh in the mind, although not hauntingly so, like the date with that Bear fan would be, a nice game in Denver is not enough to justify confidence. Optimisim, yes; satisfaction, perhaps; confidence, not so much.

Because the imminently-important running game remains non-existent. There is no way to contemplate being an NFC-North contender without bringing a running game to the table. Somebody has to find some immediate answers to solve that problem. It ranks as urgent at this moment, as important and as high of a priority as it would be that none of your friends see you while you are out on that date with the Chicago gal.

Yes, quarterback Aaron Rodgers played like he is capable of, and there were certainly other bright spots to Green Bay's performance. One could say that in many respects Green Bay accomplished much of what they set out to do by being able to march down the field like they need to. But we need a running game like a man tricked into a date with that Bear fan needs a case of amnesia.

For if we can get a running game, we will be heading one way. If we cannot, we will be going the other way. And like that date, it would be wrong in so many ways.

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