Friday, August 15, 2008

Horse Spotted on Lambeau Field

In an unusual development at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, a horse was seen grazing near the 40 yard line early this morning.

Nobody seems to know what it is doing there or how it got in, and it looks like it has caused an unusual amount of damage.

Rumors are that the horse's name is not Mr. Ed, but something very similar.

Since nobody seems to want it, the parties who dispatched former Packer coach Dan Devine's dog, after his own damage to the team, are being sought. However, they have proven hard to find since they have apparently been out driving around every evening, purportedly looking for another certain dog. No news on whose dog they might currently be hunting.

If you have any idea as to the identity of the horse, or think you might know what to do with it, perhaps the Green Bay Packer administration offices would like to hear from you.

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