Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rodgers Smooth as Silk

Alright, so be it. Brett Favre is not a Green Bay Packer at the moment. I can't change that.

I guess the old saying, "TT Happens" is true, and indeed it has laid a pile on all of us. It's not a perfect world.

Nonetheless the Favre-less Green Bay Packers opened the pre-season last night with a respectable showing against the Cincinnati Bengals last night. And despite the distractions regarding the Favre issue, the team looked pretty sharp for a first outing.

Let's face it, none of this was Aaron Rodgers fault. All he has done so far for the Packers is everything he has been asked to do. Not only has he shown some unusual patience and restraint in the midst of the media storm, but perhaps his composure has tipped his hand a little as to what kind of a man and football player he is. Monday night's game shows that it has.

Studio camera lights on? Microphones jammed into your face? "Aaron, what do your think of Brett Favre's decision to return to the NFL?" "What does this mean for your role with the Packers?" etc. etc. and Rodgers answers calmly. Linebackers are blitzing, offensive line does not pick them up, defense playing the receivers in a man-to-man, Rodgers drifts the ball out to the safety-valve receiver calmly.

If what we have seen under media pressure is also who we are going to see under football pressure, this could be an exciting year for the Pack. If this composed, patient, and rock-solid guy can also handle the pressure of the shadow of Brett Favre, which he did seamlessly and impressively last night, we might be contenders.

If last night was any indication, Aaron Rodgers is a composed guy, smooth as silk, and this is going to be a great season.

p.s. I guess my old Lynn Dickey jersey is going to get a second life; or was that the Zeke Bratkowski jersey?

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