Monday, August 24, 2009

From Around the Packer Planet

Several Packer sites caught my eye recently which deserve a visit from the rest of us Packer fans. They are both rich with humor and sarcasm.

First is the Central Florida Packer Backers site which includes this beauty:

Absolutely! Love it! That one will live in my memory forever!

Also, love Favre's 'new' name: Brent!

You can catch that action here:

Another one, obviously quite new, is also a kick in the pants. It is called Brett Favre Broke My Heart.

On this site, an expatriate (no, not ex-Patriot) Packer fan bemoans being away from Packerland, despises Favre for turning coat, and just hates the Vikings 'because it's the right thing to do.'

Definitely some good stuff in there as well.

Here it is:

(You can also find links to both sites on the right column here at PackSmack.)


Sean B said...

Thanks a lot for the shout out and the link-up! I'm working on the wife to let me get the Sunday TIcket... Go Pack Go!!

PackSmack said...

No problem; loved your site! I can see it staying for the long-term, for when are any of us going to forget Brett Favre and this circumstance? Have we forgotten Bart Starr? Lombardi? No. Have we ever not hated the Vikings? No. You could camp on there as long as you like. And as long as you feel the motivation to write, which, invariably, is why we all do this!

Tell the wife that the NFL Sunday Ticket is an 'essential.' And then sell your soul to her for it (translated: many, MANY honey-do's!)