Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Good News on Favre as a Viking

There is some good news about our Brett Favre suiting up for the Minnesota Vikings this season.

For, what do we know about the Vikings?

What one single thing has been a constant for the Vikings since they first came into the NFL?

You guessed it...they CHOKE.

They ALWAYS choke.

They had Chuck Foreman. They had Fran Tarkenton. They had the Purple People Eaters. They had Herschel Walker. They had Randy Moss. And what have they done every single NFL season since the early 1960's? They have CHOKED.

And now they have the best running back in the NFL. They have arguably the best defensive line in the NFL. Throw in legendary quarterback, Brett Favre and they are loaded to the gills.

But guess what they are going to do with all that talent?

You know it, THEY WILL CHOKE!

You KNOW they aren't going to win a championship because they CAN'T win a championship.

And this thought, this doubt, this subtle futility, this idea that they can't win a championship has been embedded way back in every single Vikings player's mind since Bud Grant was their coach and they were choking outdoors in Metropolitan Stadium.

So what this means for Packer fans is this: We will shortly be able to say, 'Hey, Minnesota, you're loaded with talent, you swooped up Brett Favre and you STILL can't win a championship. You guys are CHOKERS!!!'....with NO EXCUSES!

I mean it was great when they bombed in their Super Bowl appearances. It was sweet when they tanked with Herschel Walker. It was awesome when they missed that field goal against Atlanta which would have put them in the Super Bowl (not that they could have won), and it was fantastic when they couldn't get it done with Randy Moss.

But imagine how, well, satisfying and rewarding it will be for us when they crash and burn once again this football season, Pederson, Favre and all.

That will be sweeeet.

Hey Brett, you've boarded not the Love Boat, but the Titanic!

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