Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Far...So Good

Don't crown Minnesota North Division Kings yet.

It looks like the Green Bay Packers are expecting to have something to say in that coronation.

With a defense that plays like a caged and cornered wildcat, and an offense that looks as crisp as a mid-season team, the Packers played about as well as an NFL pre-season team can be expected to play in August.

Sure, they were playing the Buffalo Bills, but Green Bay already is playing smarter and more aggressive defense than they ever did last season. With a plethora of defensive take-aways, stops, forced quarterback-hurried passes and creative, unpredictable but fierce pass pressure, the green and yellow made new defensive coordinator look a little like Lombardi; or at least Einstein (yes, this presumes that Vince Lombardi was a greater man than Einstein.)

It would be hard to remember a recent defensive game that was more impressive for the Packers. Perhaps some of what was broken on last year's defense has been fixed. It sure looks like it.

Offensively, Aaron Rodgers looked like a machine. He was sharp, on-target and made the quarterback position of the Green Bay Packers look like it was on auto-pilot, running with smoothness and mechanical ease as if the residual, methodical ghostly energy perpetuated by years of consistency at that spot by a recent previous Packer quarterback might just be ingrained into the position. Let us hope so; sans the interceptions.

Rodgers' line gave him time and space, his receivers gave him space and yardage, and the running game gave him yardage and options.

There were many offensive high points. In fact the whole offense was a high point. Which is not surprising, but married to a strong defense this year, the Packers could likely be strong contenders in the division.

It looks like the Packers have come quite far, because at this point, they certainly look quite good.

Game ball: Packer Defense

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