Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Say it ain't so.

Say it ain't real.

Tell me there isn't going to be a purple #4!

Wake me up and tell me I'm dreaming...that Brett Favre is not going to play for the hated Minnesota Vikings!!!!

Tell me his arrival at a local Minneapolis/St. Paul airport is coincidence.

Tell me that his ride with Vikings coach Brad Childress to the Vikings training camp doesn't mean nothing.

Tell me that the purple Favre jerseys spotted around are only speculator's wishes, and will never actually be worn by the Green Bay Packer's Brett Favre.

Tell me that the rumors that Favre is going to sign with them this week is just bad reporting.

Because if Brett Favre plays for the Minnesota Vikings because Ted Thompson forced the legend out of Green Bay, that is just the wrongest thing that can be. And you can't blame Favre for wanting to get back at Thompson.

Favre with the Vikings?